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"freedom" of the press [18 Sep 2008|09:58am]

This is pretty fucked up. Terrible to think that Harvey Perlman would want to claim George W. Bush's legacy as his own. Emphasis added.
Vital voices go unheard as UNL limits journalists' access

Posted: 9/17/08

Dear Daily Nebraskan readers,

You may have noticed that some of our news stories have been missing a few noticeable voices recently. Those voices include University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chancellor Harvey Perlman, other campus vice chancellors, associate vice chancellors and many more sources you've grown to expect to read in our coverage of important campus topics.

We would like to take this opportunity to apologize to you, our beloved reader, for the absence of these voices.

Let us explain the situation our reporters are encountering: These people, mainly administrators, aren't talking to us. Therefore, we can't interview them. Without interviews, we can't quote them in our stories. Here's why:

At the beginning of the school year, our newly developed projects desk started asking for documents from university officials.

Let's just say our administration wasn't too happy with us asking for documents, and soon some of the most important voices on campus received an e-mail from Susan Poser, associate to the chancellor, telling them that Perlman said to not answer any questions or look into any inquiries or requests for documents from journalists working at the Daily Nebraskan.

The e-mail was sent one day after we met with Kelly Bartling, university spokeswoman and manager of news for University Communications, to address her and Poser's concerns about why we were requesting these documents.

Our answer: Because it's our right.

The documents we've requested are public records by all legal standards, and the press has the right—just as our readers and other citizens do—to see these documents. From the behavior of the administrators, they seem to see things differently.

Documents are as telling as people are sometimes. They keep track of trends from one year to the next. If our reporters find trends from the data in documents showing that the university is doing something great, they'll write about it. And if our reporters find trends that don't look so good or even suspicious, they'll write about that, too. They'll question the information and interview the relevant people to tell readers what's going on, if anything. That's a journalist's job.

And now, it feels as though we're being punished for doing our job.

No longer are we allowed to freely interview the reliable, authoritative and informative sources we're used to in order to bring our readers the most in-depth and unbiased stories we can.

Everything now is filtered through the aforementioned Bartling. Administrators are now required to direct any Daily Nebraskan journalist to her for information or inquiries.

Don't get us wrong. We love talking to Bartling. She has always been a friend to the Daily Nebraskan. She still is. She's on the shortlist of who to call to get more information, and she has always made herself available to our reporters and editors.

While we appreciate the time Bartling has devoted to helping reporters get in touch with possible sources, the situation has become quite burdensome for us and probably for her, as well. Each time we want to interview an administrator, she has to talk to them first because of this new procedure Perlman requested. And now more than ever, stories are not getting put into the paper in a timely manner—or at all—for our readers because of this, and because sources haven't been returning phone calls.

This isn't good for anyone—us, them or the readers.

The administration shouldn't expect us to sit and ignore the situation at hand.

We are, after all, the student newspaper of UNL, not the newspaper of the administration. With this policy, the administration is making it tough for us, and tough for Bartling, to do our jobs. We just want to report the news for students.

Yes, you, the students, the people whose tuition pays for these administrators' salaries.

In the past, the Daily Nebraskan has done its best to make students more aware of their administrators. We interview the vice chancellors and deans on a frequent basis to hear what they have to say. Last winter, we wrote a profile on Perlman for a series of articles titled "People to Know." The idea behind the profile was to get students closer to their chancellor. But now, he's pushing himself away.

We also do not believe that the administration should be treating the Daily Nebraskan any differently than other publications. The Lincoln Journal Star and the Omaha World-Herald would never face this treatment. We know that for a fact. We've spoken with people at those papers. They don't have to go through what we're going through right now. Even though we're students, we still deserve the same respect as other journalists who are doing the same job we are. We're still the working press.

So, dearest reader, thank you for giving us this opportunity to explain ourselves. We will continue to provide you with the best information we can with the limited resources we have been given.

All in all, we want administrators to talk to us, not run away. Our ears are always open, and we look forward to the return of their voices in our paper.

The Daily Nebraskan Editorial Board
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[06 Sep 2008|09:54pm]


hey guys.

it's almost time.

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[31 Aug 2008|09:42pm]

[ mood | worried ]

Cows can jump fences.

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Who I Am? [22 Jul 2008|10:58pm]

I was thinking about this, and then a friend called(it may have been important to this list)



  1. Friend &/or Best Friend(I hope to someone)

    • Listener
    • Talker
    • Go out wither
  2. Secondary Heading
  3. Employee
  4. Volunteer
  5. Elected Official
These I thinks I want to be before I am not more

  • Lover
  • Significant Other
  • Husband
  • Father
  • Supervisor
  • Boss

Not much more things I want to be, I guess I really am the person I am.

who are you?

Story from CNN  Facebook Group
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The Final Battle! [22 Jul 2008|05:29pm]

One of the most infamous and popular bars in Nebraska is closing its doors.

Little Bo's in Columbus is being shut down by the powers that be (our lease is up, we're not being shut down by the law or anything) after almost two decades and for the first time since the place was built, a bar will no longer sit in the corner of 30 Center Mall.

This weekend, the 25th and 26th, marks the final weekend. The Party Time DJ's will be rocking the place from nine until one, spinning your favorite rock, country, hip-hop, and rap songs, and arguably the best barstaff in the state will be serving you all night.

Come out and help us go out in style!

and for those of you who are able, the Party Time DJ's will also be rocking out one last time on Thursday the 31st, our absolute final night.
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Saturday, July 26th - 1st Annual O! What a Duck Race [22 Jul 2008|04:49pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hi Everyone –

Just a friendly reminder that Saturday, July 26th at Heartland of America Park is the Food Bank’s 1st Annual
O! What a Duck Race.
Over 20,000 ducks will be dropped into the lake at Heartland of America Park and will race for a quarter mile. Duck adoptions start at $5 per duck with all proceeds going to benefit the Food Bank. The Grand Prize is a 2008 Nissan Versa. The next five winning ducks win a $1,000 Savings Bond.You can adopt a duck at any Baker's location in the Omaha Metro or stop by the Food Bank at 6824 J Street in Omaha as well.

Other adoption locations include:
All Old Chicago Locations
Nissan of Omaha
All Mutual of Omaha Bank Locations
All Panera Bread Locations
Culver's - 120th & Miami and 36th & 370
Scheels @ Village Pointe

10:00 am - Family Fun Festival (Family activities for all ages, live music, and food)
1:30 pm - Duck Race begins
Shuttles will be provided by Happy Cab from Scheels at Village Pointe Shopping Center to Heartland Park of America on the day of the race. Shuttles will pick up from the round-about on the south side of Scheels.

It's going to be a great time so please come on out, bring the family, and get ready to watch 20,000 ducks race to benefit the Food Bank!

X-posted to other Nebraska/Omaha LJ communities

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possibly moving to the omaha are in about a year or so wanted to Introduce myself. [12 Jul 2008|02:09pm]

Hello there all, my name Sarah I currently reside in the state of Missouri, finishing up school here for an associates degree and planning on going on with school online with MU after that. I am planning on moving out of Columbia and tot he Omaha area after I get through with school and once I get enough money put back for it and a car to get around with. I am not entirely sure of the area I want to go to for moving just yet. I am planning on looking for simply just a one room apartment for when I start off something not to expensive as well as small and simple.

I would really love to meet some people from the area, I know a few people from the Bellvue (hope I spelled that correctly) area already but there is no harm in meeting other people. What kind of things are there to do in Omaha or NE for fun. Just any amusing fun information to read up on would be wonderful.
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Lost Xabe. [01 Jul 2008|11:55pm]

[ mood | sad ]

My friend Justin lost his dog tonight. Please help us find her.
Her name is Xabe, like Babe with a Z.
PUPPY FOUND!Collapse )

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KZUM record sale. [26 Jun 2008|01:05pm]

hello people! i'm new to this community, and new to nebraska (from wisconsin and canada), but i feel the need to mention . . .

tomorrow, in lincoln, in the terminal building main floor (941 O street) from 9am - 4pm is KZUM's record and book sale!

if you are looking for cheap media, this is the place!

i'll be the one with curly hair and a dashing hat. :D
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Looking for Tips and Advice [25 Jun 2008|07:10pm]


I'm a student from Finland and planning on spending the fall semester studying in Lincoln, Nebraska (at the NWU). What I'm looking for is tips and travel recommendations. What are the places to visit during my stay and what are the places to avoid in Nebraska? Anyone from Lincoln? Anything there that I should definitely see? I found this comm and thought 'the best way is to ask someone who lives there!'

I greatly appreciate any advice!! :)

Mods, sorry if this kind of post is not allowed.
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Get your dog on the cover of the phonebook! [19 Jun 2008|08:27am]

The company I work for is running a contest to get a local dog on the cover of the upcoming 2009 companion directory (the smaller business only directory) and I thought I'd let those of you in the Lincoln area know about it. Winner gets $1,000 and their dog's photo on the cover of all the books and the runners up get their dog's picture in the book and $250. There is more information on the contest web site for those interested. I love dogs but can't enter and thought this sounded like fun for any other dog lovers out there. The votes can come from anywhere so even if you don't live in Lincoln you can still vote on some very cute dogs.

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Velvet Masterpieces [17 Jun 2008|06:05pm]

Here I have three exquisitely lovely velvet paintings for your perusal. Note the majestic sneer on Snoopy's face as he plays at being the Red Baron. Note the pert pink nose on this most huggable "I love you" puppy. Note the lopsided bowler and crossed eyes on the other, which only exist to complement its equally lopsided frame. Love them? Take them home today. I ask $5 or best offer.

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Adult classes this summer [10 Jun 2008|10:01am]

Does anyone know of any adult cooking / baking / art / gardening classes going on in or around Omaha this summer?
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Free shit! [07 Jun 2008|08:24pm]

I'm moving and my laziness is your gain! Just haul it off!

I've got a red, clean futon mattress, bookshelves, cinderblocks, a CD player/alarm clock, a box of bedding and assorted junk, an ottoman, some art, and uh... other stuff.

I'm free after five everyday and all day tomorrow. Comment, I'll give you the address and meet you. I've got pictures too, if you want.
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Come check it out! [28 May 2008|03:58pm]

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[13 May 2008|06:31pm]

anyone know of any jobs i could do besides being a cop with an associates in criminal justice?
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[13 May 2008|06:29pm]

Im thinking about going to get a degree in health information management systems. any thoughts on this? can anyone tell me anything they know about this field?
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VOTE TODAY!!! [13 May 2008|06:40am]

I hope you went out and voted today.  Unless you live in IA, I don't know when your primary is. But the polls open @ 8 a.m. and close @ 8 p.m. 


My personal belief is that I won't complain if I don't vote.  So I'll probably be complaining tonight.
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[12 May 2008|08:00am]

What are your favorite "getaways" in Nebraska/Iowa?

Here are my answers and kind of an example of what I mean:

~Indian Caves State Park - so much to do and see, good camping, good history, nice views from the lookout
~Fontenelle Forest/Neale Woods - awesome hiking trails, beautiful nature/wildlife, nice vews of river at Fontenelle, can spend the whole day here and never see the same thing twice
~Loess Hills (Iowa) - beautiful scenic driving and lookouts over Iowa
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Rat friends [01 May 2008|08:59am]

[ mood | awake ]

Hey all.

At some point I recall someone posting here about having a rat rescue or something similar. Maybe?

Anyway, I am tentatively considering getting a couple. I've had them before and I miss them a lot. So if you're still here rat rescue person, let me know!

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