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I have my own blog, & I'll respond to your post with my own entry :-P

Heineman Watch: 1,795 Days and Still No Health Care Agenda

Their entry can be read here.

Governor Heineman of Nebraska injected himself into the 'national' debate on health care reform, because as the Chief Executive of our state, it's his job to look out for the best interests of Nebraska.  If there are going to be more people added to the state funded health care plans(medicaid & such), we(taxpayers in Nebraska) are going to have to put more of their cost out for those people.  He has a right to say NO, I will not accept that.  Just like the 60+ % of Nebraskans who don't want this current version from Congress of Health Care Reform.

He did the right thing.  The Government(in this instance a insurance company per se) can NOT directly control the cost of healthcare on it's own.  It can determine what it will pay, & then the private, non-profit, & not-for profit medical providers can say, uh, we aren't going to accept your form of insurance.  That would be bad for people on medicaid & other state funded program.s

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