Vernon J (vernon_j) wrote in nebraskans,
Vernon J

Town Hall Meetings

Good Morning,

I think you should hold a 3rd, 4th, or 5th town hall meeting(that's just in the Douglas/Sarpy county area) until Nebraskans across The Great State of Nebraska understand the plan. It wouldn't be doing too much if you had 2 a week when you are out of session and 1 a week while in session. YOU could do electronic town hall if you think travel would be an issue.

WE deserve answers.

this is my letter to Senator Ben Nelson
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If people would just go and talk instead of the stupid yelling. which if they see thise more often they may... I agree.. hope it catches on or continues.. There're more now then any time I remember

And not just NE. ALL of them, both senate and house of Rep and Gov and Major.. AND anybody else important!..
Talking isn't juicy for the news. It's the screaming and yelling that usually gets the airtime.

When people bring well thought out questions. The person can answer rationally.