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NE district 2 EV

I am a little bit confused. You should know that Nebraska is one of two states that does not employ the winner-takes-all approach to electoral votes, though it has occurred to me by looking at electoral maps that most news sources did their best to hide this. Regardless, the only one in question would be the NE 2nd Congressional District electoral vote--and without the 3-district majority, it is only one--which is compromised of District 2's Douglas and [a narrow swath of] Sarpy counties.

Most news sources by today are reporting 95-100% of precinct results, albeit "unofficial" as per usual for this point, and Barack Obama seems to have won by a small but key margin. last night reported different numbers than some other news sources, but adds the details that there are several thousand early ballots and provisional ballots that had not been counted at the time of press. Today, WOWT stated that provisional ballots haven't been counted, but doesn't mention early voting. I cannot seem to find data on when the official results will be in, or when these ballots will be fully tabulated.

I know that at this point with 349 EVs, it may not make a difference in who is sworn in on 1/20/09, but it does make a difference to me, because it's where my vote was cast, and it would be the first major Democratic victory in Nebraska since 1964, as well as the first illustration of value for the Congressional-District method since it was signed into Nebraska law in 1991-92.

(Funnily enough, of course the Fox affiliate in Eastern NE initiated bemoaning about the C-D method a month before elections, when it became quite clear that the 2nd Congressional District was not quite as red as the rest of the "redest [SIC] of red states," according to the article. I think that's pretty lame--here we're doing something to satisfy constituents' voices and bring the EV system closer to the popular vote and it's somehow unfair?)

So, does anyone know for sure when the uncounted ballots will be tabulated, or when the unofficial results will be fully verified? Does anyone else expect that the 2nd CD will give Obama our electoral vote? (Or will Douglas County's progressive effort be steamrolled by military conservatism in Bellevue?)
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