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Contagion: Outbreak [17 Apr 2011|10:42pm]

Starving for some great sci-fi/pop culture action? Then buy your passes for Contagion today! Not only that, but you can get a VIP pass that includes a private dinner with Jewel Staite from Firefly!

The con runs June 10-12 at the Qwest Center in Omaha. Buy your passes and see the full guest list here: http://www.contagionoutbreak.com/
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In response [23 Dec 2009|08:15am]

I have my own blog, & I'll respond to your post with my own entry :-P

Heineman Watch: 1,795 Days and Still No Health Care Agenda

Their entry can be read here.

Governor Heineman of Nebraska injected himself into the 'national' debate on health care reform, because as the Chief Executive of our state, it's his job to look out for the best interests of Nebraska.  If there are going to be more people added to the state funded health care plans(medicaid & such), we(taxpayers in Nebraska) are going to have to put more of their cost out for those people.  He has a right to say NO, I will not accept that.  Just like the 60+ % of Nebraskans who don't want this current version from Congress of Health Care Reform.

He did the right thing.  The Government(in this instance a insurance company per se) can NOT directly control the cost of healthcare on it's own.  It can determine what it will pay, & then the private, non-profit, & not-for profit medical providers can say, uh, we aren't going to accept your form of insurance.  That would be bad for people on medicaid & other state funded program.s

My name is Vernon J & I approved this blog entry.
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hey [11 Dec 2009|03:16pm]

hey guys,
I lived in Hastings Nebraska for a very long time. I pretty much grew up in Nebraska and went to school in Hastings. I went to both the public and Catholic school during my high school career. I am Libby Dungan. I was the shy girl who was into Pink Floyd for awhile. I remember Cool Aid days and the Adam county fairs in the summer. I was a part of the class of 2006. My Dad is a doctor in Hastings. I miss Runza and Val's Pizza.
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Who Are You? [08 Nov 2009|09:59am]


I went & Found out you have an Arizona address listed in the whois database. I call the administrative number & they are a sales & service department.

I challenge you 'volunteer community leaders' to stand up & say who you are.

My name is Vernon J & I approved this message.


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Ahmad's Persian Cuisine Redux Reveal! [30 Aug 2009|11:37pm]

Ahmad's Persian Cuisine Redux Reveal
You thought you'd NEVER see it!
Host: Ahmad (and Machell if I'm brave enough...and not cowering in the WC!)
Price: Dinner at Ahmad's will cost more than a fastfood restaurant, and it's worth every penny!
Date: Tuesday, September 8, 2009
Time: 11:30am - 9:00pm (usually with a break from 2:30-5pm)
Location: Ahmad's Persian Cuisine
Street: 1006 Howard St (10th and Howard, in the Old Market)
City/Town: Omaha, NE
Phone: 4023419616

Description "Omaha's only Persian restaurant, one of only a handful in the region, offers fine Middle Eastern dining. A small, intimate dining room dressed in bright blue walls and ornate tapestries and linens features wide windows that open to a street-side view of the Old Market. The outdoor patio offers one of the best alfresco dining rooms in the city. The Persian menu features chicken, seafood and lamb entrees, in addition to a wide range of kabob selections. " -My TravelGuide.com
"A Jewel In Omaha
Located in the middle of Omaha’s colorful Old Market district is a little jewel of a restaurant: Ahmad’s.
A dozen simple tables fill a small room adorned with large Persian-motif paintings on blue-painted walls. Seating is also available on the sidewalk patio out front—pleasant on a sunny day or warm evening." -Chef Moz Dining Guide, 24 Jun 2002

After decades as an Old Market landmark, Ahmad's Persian Cuisine is getting a bit of a respectful tweak. The blue walls, Persian paintings, and intimate atmosphere that are an Ahmad's tradition all remain, but the ambience will be warmer. Come and see the unveiling!
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Self Defense Products and Home Security Equipment FOR SALE [20 Aug 2009|07:39pm]

My wife and I recently started a great new business offering self defense products and home security equipment (FuzzCountry.com). I thought you would all be interested in what we have to offer. We carry many self defense products, both lethal and non-lethal. We sell stun guns, tasers, martial arts gear, batons (including expandable batons), knives, swords, pepper spray and so much more. We also carry high tech spy gear, surveillance equipment and various home security products. If you're interested, please take a look at what we have to offer.

We are passionate about the products we sell, and we are strong proponents of self defense products and alternatives to firearms, particularly in areas where firearms are not allowed. Our customer service is excellent, and we offer a professional, legitimate online shopping experience! We will go above and beyond for you!

So, below is a link to the site. Please feel free to email us with any feedback as to how we can improve the site:


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Town Hall Meetings [19 Aug 2009|11:41am]

Good Morning,

I think you should hold a 3rd, 4th, or 5th town hall meeting(that's just in the Douglas/Sarpy county area) until Nebraskans across The Great State of Nebraska understand the plan. It wouldn't be doing too much if you had 2 a week when you are out of session and 1 a week while in session. YOU could do electronic town hall if you think travel would be an issue.

WE deserve answers.

this is my letter to Senator Ben Nelson
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[11 Aug 2009|07:45am]

I'll be driving through Nebraska next week on I-80, and I'm trying to figure out some good places to stop along the way. Do you have any suggestions? I won't have time to go too far off the highway - maybe about 20-30 minutes per stop. Anything scenic or nature-related would be good, or any good photo opportunities would be good, too. Also, are there any good Sand Hills spots in that area, maybe near North Platte or Ogallala?
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Wedding Gifts, no way [10 Aug 2009|09:02am]

Kudos to Jeff and Lindsay.

Omaha.com - The Omaha World-Herald: Metro/Region - Their wedding gifts give back

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hi ^^; [19 Mar 2009|06:27pm]

[ mood | giggly ]

i just moved to lincoln =) and looking for some friends (i barely have any here ugh).

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Canstruction: March 15-29 - Community Art Project [14 Mar 2009|11:39am]

[ mood | happy ]

Canstruction 2009 will be on display at Westroads Mall beginning Sunday, March 15 through Sunday, March 29. Located in the Von Maur corridor and presented by Panera Bread, Canstruction benefits The Food Bank.

Nine teams of local businesses and architects have designed sculptures made entirely of non-perishable foods. It's all about family and fun this year, with many different kinds of displays.

Come see this 22nd annual local community art project!

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Since everyone was so helpful last time.. [09 Mar 2009|07:02pm]

I'm looking for someone that has a sewing machine and knows how to use it. I can sew, but I don't want to make this by hand (which is what I tend to do) and I don't want to screw it up with the machine either. So, anyone? Referrals? It would just be a fairly simple dress, cotton with some kind of lining. I'll pay for supplies and compensate for labor or trade housecleaning or something. Let me know. I'm not rolling in the dollars, but I'm open.

Here's the photo of the pattern in question.Collapse )
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Bakery? [03 Mar 2009|08:58pm]

I'm looking for bakeries/bakers in the Lincoln area that make cupcakes. Any recommendations?
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I say What [16 Feb 2009|08:27pm]

Won't you donate to a good cause?


When severe budget cuts threatened to end the Women’s Athletic Program at UNO, Connie Claussen and a group of supporters developed the Women’s Walk as a way to continue the athletic program for young women. The first walk in 1986 had 86 walkers and raised $12,000! Last year, the Diet Pepsi/UNO Women’s Walk had more than 1,000 participants and raised more than $200,000.


The Diet Pepsi/UNO Women’s Walk is the marquee fundraiser for women’s athletics at UNO. The dollars raised from the Women’s Walk provide scholarships for our female student athletes. The 24th Diet Pepsi/ UNO Women’s Walk will be held on Saturday, April 18, 2009. Diet Pepsi, as our Signature Sponsor, ($30,000) encourages its fellow business colleagues to partner with UNO and support this event. The Diet Pepsi/UNO Women’s Walk is the largest event of its kind in the United States.

Any amount of $$ you donate would be GREATLY appreciated by the female athletes of UNO!!!
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The Food Bank Open House (Day of Service - January 19) [16 Jan 2009|04:06pm]

The Food Bank invites you to join forces with others across the country that are committed to making a difference in their local communities.

Members of the Feeding America network, at the request of First Lady elect Michelle Obama, are partnering to answer the call to action for a 'Renewing of America Together' national day of service. The Food Bank will host an Open House for all to come, tour, and learn of service opportunities within The Food Bank or one of the 360 charitable agencies who rely on The Food Bank for food distribution. We are asking for a donation of food or funds as a gift for the open house.

Monday, January 19 from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Jewel Knapp
The Food Bank (Omaha, NE)
6824 J St.
Omaha, NE 68117
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NE district 2 EV [05 Nov 2008|10:18am]
I am a little bit confused. You should know that Nebraska is one of two states that does not employ the winner-takes-all approach to electoral votes, though it has occurred to me by looking at electoral maps that most news sources did their best to hide this. Regardless, the only one in question would be the NE 2nd Congressional District electoral vote--and without the 3-district majority, it is only one--which is compromised of District 2's Douglas and [a narrow swath of] Sarpy counties.

Most news sources by today are reporting 95-100% of precinct results, albeit "unofficial" as per usual for this point, and Barack Obama seems to have won by a small but key margin. Omaha.com last night reported different numbers than some other news sources, but adds the details that there are several thousand early ballots and provisional ballots that had not been counted at the time of press. Today, WOWT stated that provisional ballots haven't been counted, but doesn't mention early voting. I cannot seem to find data on when the official results will be in, or when these ballots will be fully tabulated.

I know that at this point with 349 EVs, it may not make a difference in who is sworn in on 1/20/09, but it does make a difference to me, because it's where my vote was cast, and it would be the first major Democratic victory in Nebraska since 1964, as well as the first illustration of value for the Congressional-District method since it was signed into Nebraska law in 1991-92.

(Funnily enough, of course the Fox affiliate in Eastern NE initiated bemoaning about the C-D method a month before elections, when it became quite clear that the 2nd Congressional District was not quite as red as the rest of the "redest [SIC] of red states," according to the article. I think that's pretty lame--here we're doing something to satisfy constituents' voices and bring the EV system closer to the popular vote and it's somehow unfair?)

So, does anyone know for sure when the uncounted ballots will be tabulated, or when the unofficial results will be fully verified? Does anyone else expect that the 2nd CD will give Obama our electoral vote? (Or will Douglas County's progressive effort be steamrolled by military conservatism in Bellevue?)
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Ernie Chambers [28 Oct 2008|08:45pm]

I'm not campaigning for Learning Community
I'm not spending or accepting money,
If people don't know my name, I'm not going to beg for their vote.

I hope you'll vote for the right choice.

this isn't a direct quote, but it was on his TV show tonight. I summarized his comments.
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Dine Out Against Hunger is TODAY! [14 Oct 2008|08:41am]

Dine Out Against Hunger, to benefit The food Bank, is today, Tuesday October 14!! Go out to eat at any of the restaurants listed on that link and they'll donate 10% of your meal check to The Food Bank. Last year it raised over $30,000 - hope you'll participate!
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Dine Out Against Hunger [13 Oct 2008|10:36am]

Dine Out Against Hunger, to benefit The food Bank, is tomorrow, Tuesday October 14!! Go out to eat at any of the restaurants listed on that link and they'll donate 10% of your meal check to The Food Bank. Last year it raised over $30,000 - hope you'll participate!
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junkyard ghost revival coming to omaha [24 Sep 2008|11:23pm]

When: Monday Sept. 29 at 7ish
WHere: Benson Grind, 6107 Maple
Cover: $5


Pass it on, post, repost and cross-post.
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