Sqweezil (sqweezil) wrote in nebraskans,


I'm looking for bakeries/bakers in the Lincoln area that make cupcakes. Any recommendations?
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Conroy's Bakery in Lincoln is amazing! Their bakery items taste great, the service is phenomenal, and they do custom orders. I am not sure that they do cupcakes, but it wouldn't hurt to try. They are located right across from Union College.
I was going to suggest Conroy's as well.
let's get a cake. a moving cake.
mmmmm conroy's cake.
There's a nice panaderia on the corner of 11th and G Streets that has all kinds of pastries in its cases.
I love that place. I live about a block away and get rolls there sometimes. I didn't realize they made cupcakes. I am not so observant, probably.
I think it may depend on the day. when archangelsk and I were there late last week, I saw cupcakes. Earlier in the week, I don't think I saw any.