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I say What

Won't you donate to a good cause?


When severe budget cuts threatened to end the Women’s Athletic Program at UNO, Connie Claussen and a group of supporters developed the Women’s Walk as a way to continue the athletic program for young women. The first walk in 1986 had 86 walkers and raised $12,000! Last year, the Diet Pepsi/UNO Women’s Walk had more than 1,000 participants and raised more than $200,000.


The Diet Pepsi/UNO Women’s Walk is the marquee fundraiser for women’s athletics at UNO. The dollars raised from the Women’s Walk provide scholarships for our female student athletes. The 24th Diet Pepsi/ UNO Women’s Walk will be held on Saturday, April 18, 2009. Diet Pepsi, as our Signature Sponsor, ($30,000) encourages its fellow business colleagues to partner with UNO and support this event. The Diet Pepsi/UNO Women’s Walk is the largest event of its kind in the United States.

Any amount of $$ you donate would be GREATLY appreciated by the female athletes of UNO!!!
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